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Drone Inspection & Maintenance

If It Isn’t Broken Don’t Fix It… Prevent It!

Over time your drone experiences ware and tear. Hard landings, small crashes, motor vibration, and many other factors take their toll on your drone. Just like a car, your drone needs to be checked for possible issues that could result in an accident. Doing an inspection and preventive maintenance could save you headaches and money.

We will do:

  • Test flight
  • Full diagnostic (inside & out)
  • Firmware updates (drone & remote control)
  • Circuit board inspection for loose components and questionable solder joints, touching up as needed.
  • Clean out unwanted materials on motors and inside drone.
  • Wipe down outside.

This preventive service is highly recommended at a minimum of once a year (maybe more) depending how often you fly your drone.

Our own drones go through this process on a quarterly basis.

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