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Smart Crash Protection Plan - DJI Air 2S

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Please Note:

1. Smart Crash Protection Plan can be bound to a previously purchased aircraft when it meets one of the following criteria:
-Brand new and un-activated aircraft;
-Aircraft activated within the last 48 hours;

2. After Smart Crash Protection Plan is purchased, your service agreement will be sent to you via email. Smart Crash Protection Plan will be bound to your product automatically and come into effect within 24 hours.

3. Smart Crash Protection Plan and the aircraft must be purchased from Drones Kaki Stores only.

Frequently Asked Questions:


When do I need to purchase a Crash Protection Plan?
The Crash Protection Plan need to be purchased at the same time of the new drone purchase.

Does Crash Protection Plan cover general maintenance and calibration?
No, Crash Protection Plan only cover accidental damage, no maintenance items are covered. However, you may always send in your device for any out of warranty services to be fixed at your expense.

Do Crash Protection Plan protect my drone against crashes?
Crash Protection Plan covers physical damage, excessive damage, impact damage, water damage and everything in between.

What doesn't Crash Protection Plan cover?
Crash Protection Plan will not cover lost or stolen products, or any add on accessories. Although accidental coverage covers most damages it does not cover intentional damages of any kind or losses due to theft. This means if you have a so-called 'fly away' and are unable to locate your drone, you would not be eligible for a replacement.

Does the Crash Protection Plan cover water damage?
Yes. The Crash Protection Plan cover water and liquid damage. However, you will not be covered if your item was fully submerged.

Can I cancel my Crash Protection Plan?
No. You cannot cancel your Crash Protection Plan after purchased.

Will the Smart Crash Protection Plan coverage continue on the replacement drone?
Unfortunately no, once the drone is replaced the Smart Crash Protection Plan contract is considered fulfilled. You can purchase a new Smart Crash Protection Plan for the new replacement unit.

Will my coverage continue after Drones Kaki repairs my drone?
Yes it will! The coverage will remain in place until the contract expires, or unless the drone is replaced new unit under Smart Crash Protection Plan or warranty.

What parts the Smart Crash Protection Plan cover?
Smart Crash Protection cover Aircraft(Main Controller+Camera Gimbal) only. Other parts like battery,remote controller, gimbal lock, and bag are not covered under Smart Crash Protection Plan.

Will the Smart Crash Protection Plan cover propellers?
Unfortunately no, replacing the drone’s propellers is a maintenance issue and is not covered under Smart Crash Protection Plan.



How would I claim the Crash Protection Plan?
You can contact by phone or email to make a claim.

What information will I need when make a claim?
You would need to submit your flight record and the drone’s serial #, along with a copy of your original purchase receipt.

Who will repair my drone?
Drones Kaki repair center is the only place where repairs will be performed. If the Drones Kaki repair team can not repair the drone it may be sent to the manufacture for repair.

When can I make a claim with my Crash Protection Plan?
The Smart Crash Protection Plan coverage begins on the end user’s date of purchase.

If I am selling my drone, can I sell the Smart Crash Protection Plan with it?
You absolutely can. Transferring ownership is simple via the Drones Kaki Customer Service. Please note, a RM150.00 transfer fee will apply.

Termination of Smart Crash Protection Plan
Smart Crash Protection Plan will be terminated in advance in the following situations:
1. The aircraft or the gimbal has been repaired or modified in a non-official designated repair center.
2. If you are found conduction or have conducted any fraud on the product, e.g. wilfully break the product covered under Smart Crash Protection Plan service with intention to gain financial interest, the service will be terminated automatically without refund, and Drones Kaki reserves the right to take legal action against you.
3. Stolen, forgotten, lost, or abandoned.


*Smart Crash Protection Plan policies are subject to change.

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