Agras Accessories
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  • 22.2v
  • 12000mAh
  • 266Wh
  • The MG Spreading System is compatible with the DJI Agras MG-1S and MG-1P aircraft. It offers efficient, reliable and stable spreading operations when dispensing dry material of a diameter between 0.5mm to 5mm (0.02" to 0.20"). The material delivery rate is accurately controlled by the built-in stirring device and the hopper gate.
  • The DJI MG app is required to set parameters such as hopper outlet size and spinner disk rotating speed. The app also provides information such as empty tank warning and abnormalities in disk speed, temperature, and hopper outlet size.
  • Intelligent Battery Charger for the Agras MG-1.  
  • Batteries not included
  • Agras MG-1S Agriculture Spraying drone intelligent 12000mAh LiPo battery.